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The better you play, the more expensive are the skins?

AWP | Containment Breach
AK-47 | The Empress
M4A1-S | Icarus Fell
M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler

USP-S | Cyrex

How much do skins cost in CS: GO players’ inventories?

It is clear that here, as in real life, there are rich people, poor people, middle class and all that. There are Silver players whose inventory is more expensive than a villa in Italy, and there are also globals who play quietly with default skins and in general have never in their life not only bought a ready-made skin, but have never even opened cases. And yet there is some dependence on the cost of the inventory.

So it turns out that the most “prosperous” really live at high ranks? You can follow the logic in this, because the longer you play, the higher your skill, the more you want to diversify your game with new skins for weapons and characters. Thus, the average cost of inventory among globals is about $ 1200.

How much does one skin usually cost in a player’s inventory in CS: GO?

This is the average. The cheapest skins in the inventory of low-level players. There is also logic in this. You have a low rank, which means you rarely play and have not yet begun to grow in your skill. You do not need to buy expensive skins in the game that you enter for half an hour after work or school.

According to statistics, a low-ranking player will prefer to buy some equipment worth up to $ 2.5. But the average player, who has filled himself with a global, may already think about buying a skin for $ 17.5.  By the way, we regularly publish on our blog a variety of collections for the inventory that any player can afford.

Knives and their cost in the inventories of CS: GO players

A knife is the dream of any player, if he is somehow loyal to skins. Valve offers many unique knife options with cool animations, so you can definitely add variety to the game with their help. Or you can flex in front of your friends with an expensive toy. So, first, let’s see who has knives at all.

Only 10% of Silver 1 players have a knife in their inventory. But for globals, this figure reaches 60%. Those. the higher you rise in rank, the more often you will meet players with knives.

Skin = skill?

No no and one more time no. In that order, it didn’t work and will not work. You won’t start throwing juicy headshots without practice and learning in the game. Even if you fill your inventory with million dollar skins. Expensive skins are aesthetics, an attempt to add variety to your game, in which you have already spent more than one thousand hours.