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CS: GO cases (Case Guide)

Today we will talk about cs: go cases. I will tell you what it is in general, why they are needed, what types there are and all sorts of interesting things. The article is essentially for beginners, however, there will be a couple of points that will interest even veterans.

What are CS: GO cases and what to do with them?

A case is a chest, upon opening which a skin for a weapon or a unique type of weapon will drop out with a certain probability. If you’re lucky, you will get a cool weapon skin and it will be interesting to look or change the look of your standard weapon. All these things do not give any bonuses in the game, this is a purely visual change in your weapon and that’s it. So opening cs go cases does not give any guarantees of victory.

What skins and unusual weapons look like

Here is an example of how skins look like in cs go

How to get cases in cs go

There are several options, choose which one is more convenient:

  • Cases drop out at the end of matches with a certain probability. The chance of cases falling out depends on the hours of the game and the number of matches played. In short, the more you play, the higher the chance of getting a case 🙂
  • You can get a case as a reward for completing missions, if, of course, you are a member of the current operation.
  • Trade with friends.
  • Buy on the marketplace.

How to open cases cs go

In order to open the case, you need a key. The options for obtaining the key are as follows:

  • buy in the game;
  • buy on the trading floor;
  • receive as a gift from a friend or girlfriend, or from a grandmother for her birthday.

All cs go cases contain a specific collection of skins or weapons. To open a case, you need a key from the same collection as the case. For example, if you have a spectrum case, then you need a spectrum case key to open it.

Graduation of skins cs go

  • Consumer goods are white, they are often dropped, they hardly cost anything, they can be thrown away.
  • Industrial quality – light blue, also about nothing, a little more expensive, of course, but still.
  • Military quality – dark blue, here it is already more interesting and the prices are higher and look decent.
  • Prohibited – purple, mid-level skins, these are priced at 10-20 bucks.
  • Secret – pink, there is already a conversation about hundreds of bucks.
  • Secret – red, cost up to a thousand bucks.
  • Unusually rare – gold, everyone’s dream. The drop rate is extremely rare. Basically, these are knives and a couple of rifles.

Skins quality

The quality of the cs go skin speaks of the quality of the drawing on the weapon. If the quality is maximum, then the drawing is new, if it is the lowest, then the drawing is worn. An important point, the quality of the weapon does not change, if you have a maximum quality gun, then it does not get worse. These are the quality grades of the guns:

  • Battle-Scarred (Sad Looks)
  • Shabby
  • Field-Tested
  • Slightly worn
  • Factory New (Best)

A few tricks

  • Opening cs go cases is like playing the lottery, skins and weapons drop out with a probability in%. Rare items have a low probability of dropping, less than 1%, and sometimes the chance is 0.001%. Roughly speaking, you may not get a skin at all if luck is not with you.
  • If you are more interested in money than what your gun looks like, then sell the received cases on the marketplace, since the skins inside in the cs are often cheaper than the cost of the chest and the key.
  • No one ever, under any circumstances, guarantees you a 100% chance of getting skins or items from cs go cases. So don’t be fooled on the Internet, be a normal kid.
  • Prices for new collections are more expensive, as in life, everything new in stores is always more expensive. New collections drop in price after a while.
  • It is cheaper to open chests on third-party services (websites) and the chance of a skin falling out is higher, however, you can become a victim of scammers, so you need to do this only on trusted resources.