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Cases in CS GO – what is it, how to make money on cases and the chances of a knife falling out


If after the release of CS: GO it was sold as a regular game, then a couple of years ago the game became free-to-play – Gabe finally believed that the payment for the game was an extra barrier on the way to money for operations and cases. What are these cases, how to open them and what drops out of them (and is it possible to make money on this) – in our post.

What are CS: GO cases

If you played CS:GO after the release of the game (then the pre-game keys and cases were removed), then you should be familiar with the case monetization system. A case, chest or box is a special item, inside of which other items are “hidden”. What kind of item is inside your case to find out in advance – this is the whole point, which quite strongly smacks of gambling addiction. 

Each case has certain skins inside it that cannot be obtained from other cases. The cooler the skins inside, the more interesting the case becomes.

Both a cheap skinny and a unique knife can fall out. But more about the chances of falling out below.

How to get a case for free

The easiest way to get a case in CS: GO is through the in-game item drop system. After a match in Official Matchmaking or any other official Valve mode, you may receive an item drop. As a rule, this is either a cheap weapon or our good old case.

The second way is exchange (trade) with other players. Regular cases are rarely traded, but those that can no longer be received in the game for free are completely exchanged. 

The third way is to purchase from the Steam marketplace . Everything is the same as in the second method, only here you exchange money for cases, and not skins for cases.

How to open a case

To open the case, you need to buy a key. The keys are sold in Geiben’s store and one opening of the case at the time of this writing will cost you 192 rubles. There are no ways to open a case without a key.

What can fall out of the case is written in the description of each box.

Chance to drop a knife or an expensive skin in CS: GO

CS: GO is played all over the world, and different countries of the world have their own laws, some of which oblige developers to disclose the chances of different skins falling out of their cases. CS: GO is no exception.

Is it possible to make money on cases in CS: GO

I guess, yes. And the earnings are even guaranteed. But for this you do not need to open cases inside X Go or on third-party sites with cases.

The scheme of making money on Ks Go cases is simple and consists of two ways:

  • Wait for the release of the new update with the added case and go to farm it in matchmaking or official mode – in the first hours after the release of the update of cases on the marketplace, and there are many who want to buy. Therefore, at this time, the price of the case is several times higher than the cost of the key, but it falls all the time. I used to farm a case – I got more money on Steam.
  • Buy cheap cases (we are talking about literally ruble cases, which are a dime a dozen on the market) and wait. And we are waiting for the moment when your case will stop dropping in the game. Sooner or later, this will happen with any case, and after that the market will start working – new cases will not appear on the market, but old cases will gradually be bought up. If there are top skins inside the case, then its cost may exceed hundreds of rubles, but even if the skins inside are not the very top, its cost will still increase in comparison with the ruble you paid for it. The main thing is to wait, but you can wait in such investments for cs go for several years.

Websites with CS GO cases

In addition to the official Gabe cases, there are many different third-party sites. Their principle is similar: pay a little money to get a chance to get something expensive.

One such site, Hotpizza, which is among the best legal sites to open CSGO cases, offers one of the fastest services. Instant withdrawal of almost all items in your inventory is what makes hotpizza so popular and appreciated by the gaming community. Also, if your item is delayed, you can easily choose to either wait or get another skin of the same value in return.

Hotpizza offers promotions and bonuses to new and experienced players alike, such as their daily prize drawings and the occasional chance to get coins or skins for free. On hotpizza, users can also sell unneeded skins and get credits in return.

The only drawback of hotpizza is that there are few accepted payment methods; however, the site still allows customers to make deposits through the most popular systems, such as Visa, Mastercard and G2A Pay.