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All about AWP | Redline skins

AWP | Redline (Minimal Wear)
AWP | Redline (Field-Tested)
AWP | Redline (Well-Worn)
StatTrak™ AWP | Redline (Minimal Wear)
StatTrak™ AWP | Redline (Field-Tested)
StatTrak™ AWP | Redline (Well-Worn)

AWP | Redline

History of appearance

AWP | The red line (AWP | Redline) was added to the game on December 18, 2013 as part of the Winter Offensive collection released as part of the update of the same name. The author of the skin is EmKay.

Pattern description

The body of the rifle is decorated with a pattern that simulates a carbon coating. The sight, barrel and back of the butt are painted black. The design is complemented by bright accents in the form of wavy red lines.

Influence of Float value

Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.10 to 0.40, which makes AWP | The red line is available in all conditions except Factory New and Battle-Scarred. The first signs of wear in the form of scuffs on the forend and stock appear already in the Minimal Wear condition. At stages of wear close to the maximum, the entire body of the weapon is covered with significant abrasions.

Pattern differences

The pattern index does not affect the appearance of the skin.

Skin features

AWP | The red line refers to the “Classified” quality skins and is available in a version with a StatTrak counter. The skin is part of the Red Line series .

Skin popularity

AWP | The red line became popular immediately after its appearance in the game and remains in demand today.